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Glass Options

Selecting the right glass for your home will have a significant impact on the comfort, energy efficiency and overall look and feel of your home. The right glass options will also assist in improving safety and security, reducing sun glare and external noise.

Wideline offers an extensive range of glass options in order to meet your every design need. Our most popular glass options are explained below;

Energy Efficient Glass

Technology has helped glass come a long way. Modern glass is now high performance glass and can assist in making your home more comfortable and more energy efficient year round. Find out more about energy efficient glass.

Viridian VFloat™ Toned and VFloat™ Supertoned

There are many options available in Energy efficient glass which start with toned glass for solar control. Viridian VFloat™ Toned and Viridian VFloat™ Supertoned glass are ideal for hotter climates or demanding window orientations such as West facing. Both products offer superior clarity whilst reducing the sun’s glare.

VFloat glass also offers the following benefits;

  • Solar control reduces heat entering through windows
  • Colour right through the glass
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Glare reduction

Viridian SmartGlass™

SmartGlass is a single glazed product with a Low E coating which offers insulation and a choice of solar protection to reduce heat gain. It is the perfect choice for the Australian environment and is an excellent performance glass solution for Australian homes.

Low E, or low-emissivity, glass is standard float glass which has an ultra thin transparent coating on one surface that is capable of reflecting the sun's energy (infrared and ultraviolet light) coming through the glass, without affecting the amount of natural light entering your home. This works to keeps the heat out and reduce your need for home heating appliances.

Features and benefits include;

  • Low E insulation with a choice of solar control performance for residential applications
  • Provides a good entry level energy efficient alternative to ordinary glass
  • Low E coating is ideal for single glazing
  • Low reflectivity
  • Can be toughened for A grade safety glass
  • Suitable for most standard single glazed window frames

Viridian ComfortPlus™

Viridian ComfortPlus™ is a laminated single glazed, Low E glass. It helps to provide year round comfort and is known as Australia’s leading choice in single glazed energy efficiency.

ComfortPlus™ can provide up to 39% better insulation than ordinary glass and similar solar control advantages to toned glass.

Features and Benefits include;

  • All seasons comfort
  • Grade A safety glass for peace of mind
  • Insulation and choice of solar control performance level
  • Blocks 99% of UV penetration, reducing fading in furnishings

Viridian LightBridge™

Viridian LightBridge™ double glazing creates a seamless bridge between inside and out. It offers a market leading combination of insulation, security and noise reduction properties for domestic windows. Lightbridge™ can help you achieve expansive glazing to bring in additional natural light, without compromising on the energy performance of your home.

LightBridge™ double glazing is constructed with Low E glass and inert gas fill as standard. A high standard insulating factor is assured whilst maintaining visual clarity and visible light transmission levels.


Unwanted noise from traffic, aircraft, trains, factories or even boisterous neighbours can be reduced with the right selection of glass. Viridian VLam Hush™ is a laminate that uses a specially developed interlayer to dampen noise, providing enhanced sound insulation performance. By using this innovative laminate, thinner lighter glass can be used for an equivalent acoustic performance of thicker glass.

Renew™ the world’s first self-cleaning glass

Renew™ has a specially developed, completely transparent exterior coating. This is applied during manufacture to clear glass, producing an innovative dual cleaning action. Once exposed to daylight it reacts with the UV rays to breakdown and disintegrate organic dirt deposits such as bird droppings and tree sap. When water hits the glass, Renew™ has a hydrophilic quality that assists in washing dirt away without leaving spots or streaks. Renew™ is primarily for commercial applications.

To learn more about choosing the right glass for your needs, speak to our team on 1300 943 354 or take a closer look at the range of glass samples by visiting a Wideline Showroom.




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