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5 screen solutions for your windows and doors

After choosing your windows and doors, the next important step is choosing screens. While some people may not give this much thought, this is actually a great opportunity to enhance the value and useability of your windows and doors and add to the comfort and security of your home. Take this opportunity to find out everything you need to know about the various screen options for your home, offered by Wideline, so you can make an informed choice.

Your screen solution options

All screen options offered by Wideline, let fresh air in whilst keeping insects out. Choosing a screen solution above a standard insect screen will give you additional features. Here are the 5 types of screen solutions you can choose from. Each screen type can be installed in the area of your home it is most beneficial - so you can mix and match screen types!

Insect screens

Standard insect screens offer no protection other than keeping bugs out. Wideline insect screens come in a range of mesh types including aluminium and stainless steel mesh for bushfire zones.

Safety Screen

The BarrierLine™ safety screen is a cost effective screen solution that helps increase the safety of your home. The aluminium diamond grille of BarrierLine® offers a visual deterrent to home intruders and also helps to protect children and pets from pushing out insect screens on doors. However if you want a higher level of security, without restricting your views, consider our SecureLine® security screen.

Fall Prevention Screen

SafeLine™ fall prevention screen helps prevent children from falling out of windows and was developed to comply with the Australian Building Code’s regulations for openable upstairs windows. SafeLine™ allows your windows to function as they were intended, without restricting their opening and is a far better option than a window restrictor. While this type of screen prevents children from falling out of windows, it does not act as a method of security for preventing intruders from entering the home.

Pet screen

Made from flexible fibreglass mesh, our PetMesh pet screen is tougher than standard fly screen. If you have pets around the home, we recommend having PetMesh installed in your doors and accessible windows, to increase the lifespan of your screens. SecureLine™ security screen is also a tough option that gives security as well as withstanding insistent pets.

Security Screen

SecureLine™ is Wideline’s security screen solution that is built strong for Australian conditions and surpasses the Australian Security Door Standards. It’s stainless steel mesh allows unobstructed views, whilst keeping your home safe and secure. It offers superior security for your home, but is much like looking through a fly screen!

Be aware that security screens and safety screens are completely different products. If it’s security you want, a safety screen will not offer enough protection. For home security, you can’t look past a screen that passes the Australian Standards for Security Screen Doors like SecureLine™.                  


To find out more, download our Screens Guide.       


Wideline screen comparison chart

*Based on site assessment by Wideline representative


Bi-Fold Door Retractable Screen

It is possible to screen a bi-fold door!

The revolutionary Centor S1 Screen and S4 Screen/Shade products provide eco-friendly retractable insect screening and solar control, finally making it possible to screen our aluminium bi-fold doors and windows. Versatile, robust with lightweight fingertip operation, take a closer look at the bi-fold screen at any one of our five showrooms.






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