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Timber Range

Timber Doors

Discover our Natura range of solid timber doors. Carefully crafted from Western Red Cedar, Meranti and Merbau to the highest standards and design styles. From rustic to natural and clean to modern, you are guaranteed of a door that is built to last and engineered for maximum style and durability.

Our Timber Door Product

Boasting rich and natural golden hues, silky smooth grains, natural timber is ideal for use as interior and exterior doors.

At Wideline we are proud of our environmental integrity and source our timber from suppliers who support sustainable forestry practices. You are guaranteed a door that doesn’t negatively impact on the environment, while adding a luxurious look and feel to your home. Find your perfect natural timber doors today! Enjoy the power, strength and durability that they offer.

Our Natura product range contains the following timber door options:

We are well aware that sustainability is something our customers take seriously. Manufacturing timber doors in an environmentally friendly manner is as important to us as it is to our customers. When purchasing your timber doors from Wideline, you’ll receive doors designed specifically for energy efficiency, without sacrificing style, quality and durability.

Timber Door Glass Options

All our timber doors come with the same energy efficient features as our windows. Enjoy superior acoustic, bushfire and energy ratings that give you absolute control. Our energy efficient glass options include double glazing, glazed glass, laminated single glazed glass and toned glass. Match your exterior timber doors to your windows for a truly professional and seamless finish.

Timber Door Hardware Options

Create a door that’s truly unique to your property, with our extensive range of hardware options. Wideline timber doors can be styled to your requirements with our selection of hardware options. From screens and door closers, to secure locks and stylish handles. Create a door that matches your home from the ground up.

Timber Door Screens and Security Screens

Our timber door screen solutions provide a diverse range of options to improve security and safety without compromising on views and style. Our SecureLine™ timber door security screens, keep unwanted visitors out of your home. Insect screens let fresh air in and keeps bugs out which is ideal, especially in the summer months. We also have PetMesh and safety screens available too.


Timber Windows

Discover our Natura collection of solid timber windows, boasting rich cinnamon shades and natural golden hues.

Along with stunning natural wood windows, you also have the option to add the hardware of your choosing. From screens and locks to handles and door closers, you can tailor your windows to suit your needs.

Our Timber Windows Product Range

When it comes to Timber Windows, Wideline are leaders in the industry. Explore our extensive range of solid Natura timber windows created with a natural, long-lasting finish. All of our timber windows are carefully constructed using Western Red Cedar, Meranti and Merbau. From rural properties to stylish and modern new builds, you are guaranteed to find the perfect timber windows, engineered to meet the needs of a modern home.

Our Natura range contains the following timber window options

All of our Western Red Cedar has Chain of Custody FSC® Certification and PEFC™ Certification. We take sustainability seriously and know that it is as equally important to our customers as it is to us. When choosing timber windows and doors from Wideline, you are guaranteed maximum durability and energy efficient styling.

Timber Window Glass Options

Our Natura timber window styles come with a variety of impressive glass features and benefits to choose from. Experience complete control over your energy rating, acoustic rating and bush fire rating with our large selection of modern glass options.

Enjoy superior energy efficiency with Viridian VFloat™ Toned and Viridian VFloat™glass options. Viridian SmartGlass™ and Viridian ComfortPlus™ offers a single glazing option without needing to sacrifice on efficiency. Why not enjoy the luxury of self-cleaning glass with Renew™ window glass. Find the perfect fit for your style and energy requirements in a few simple steps.

Timber Window Hardware Options

Wideline Natura timber windows also come with a range of hardware options to further create windows that fit your needs – choose from timber window screens to secure locks and stylish handles. Our timber window hardware options can be configured to suit your requirements, with standard configurations available also. Creating a style that perfectly matches your home is in your hands.

Timber Windows Screens and Security Screens

Our timber window screen solutions offer a diverse range of options for maximum comfort and security for your home. Enjoy unobstructed views without sacrificing safety and security, thanks to our SecureLine™ window security screens. Keep mosquitoes, spiders and other unwanted visitors out of your home with insect screen or safety screens. No matter your needs, we have a screen that is perfect for your timber windows.

Timber Manufacturers

Wideline is located on the NSW Central Coast where we manufacture our timber windows and doors, just north of Sydney.

As a supply-only company, we are able to provide you with instructions on how to self-install your timber windows and doors. If you prefer, we can also connect you to a local builder in your area who you can contact to arrange installation.

Visit A Showroom

Our purpose built window showrooms in Liverpool, Rosebery, Newcastle, Central Coast or Port Macquarie offer you the chance to see our windows in the best light possible. Check out the different hardware and glass options while you’re there. Get a feel of their style and design and see our windows fully installed in their prime finished state.

Get a Quote

Get a quick quote for your timber windows and doors by visiting one of our showrooms, calling our friendly team on 1300 943 354 or using our online quote request form.

However you decide to get in touch, we can provide you with a quick and easy quote for all project sizes.




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