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When is it the right time to replace your windows?

Glass technology has improved dramatically over the past decade. When it comes time to "take a closer look' at your windows, you will find that the reasons to replace your windows are as clear as our glass.

Create Comfort

  • Reduce outside noises
  • Create airflow or remove drafts
  • Let light into a dark room
  • Cool down sun-drenched rooms.

Enhance Appearance

  • Update window and frame designs
  • Replace windows in a home makeover
  • Change window sizes and arrangements
  • Fix scratches, cracks and chips.

Invest in Energy

  • Slash high energy bills
  • Reduce reliance on air-con
  • Upgrade to insulated windows
  • Gain advantages of tinted windows.

Secure your Safety

  • Upgrade to Australian Standards
  • Invest in locking windows
  • Replace windows that are painted shut!
  • Switch to BAL fire-rated windows.

Take a quick survey to see if new windows are needed

take 20 seconds to answer these simple questions:

  • Difficult to clean?
  • Hard to open or close?
  • Leaking water?
  • Old and outdated?
  • Constantly needing repairs?
  • Too old for replacement parts?
  • Damaged beyond repair?
  • Letting in cool air?
  • Exposed to too much sun?
  • Unopenable?

A new Wideline window could be the answer to solving any one of these issues. Why not speak to one of our helpful window specialists to see what's possible.

Take a closer look at our range of aluminium and timber window styles.






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